Are you willing to travel to shoot an event for our business?

Yes of course! Though we are based in the DC Metro area, we are more than happy to travel for your business events. We’ve gone to California for Hitachi, Costa Rica with National Geographic, and around the world on the Beach Boys’ 50th Anniversary global tour. Whether it is more cost effective to hire additional crew on the road or to travel with the Mark Leisher Productions crew, we will work within your budget to deliver the highest quality of work. We do ask that you give us as much advanced notice as possible, but even if it’s last minute, we will do our absolute best to accommodate you.

How long does it take to produce a 2-4 minute video?

That depends on two things: How complicated is your project? Is it a testimonial video with simple b-roll or is it a full animation video? Simpler videos can be made quickly, while complex projects usually require more time and effort.

How prepared are you? Do you have a solid concept for what you want your project to convey? If you have the script written out and a great idea of what you’re looking for, we can move very quickly. However, if you need our help with script-writing and conception, it may take a little more time.

What is your payment policy?

We will provide you with a project estimate and once approved, we ask for 50% of the total cost upfront and 50% upon delivery. You can pay with a check or a credit card.

How much can I expect to pay for a 2-4 minute video?

This depends on the complexity of the video, the amount of production days needed, and the amount of pre-production and post-production needed. Check out our portfolio page to see projects we’ve worked on and get an idea of price and scope.

I have some ideas and would like to discuss them with you so that I can see if this is something I want to pursue. Do you charge for a consultation?

Nope! We can give you a one-hour free consultation either by phone or at our offices. We’re happy to talk to you about your project and answer any questions you may have.

What are my options for online brand management?

We offer packages for companies of every size, from small start-ups who want to expand their online presence to large corporations that have accounts on multiple social sites. We can manage your social media presence, write content for your website and blog, create monthly status reports, run newsletter campaigns, and more. We also offer “a la carte” options that can be added on to any social media management package.

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