At MLP, our approach to meeting the needs of our clients is to provide top-notch services. That’s why we purchased a 3DRobotics X8-M drone back in 2015. After a few shaky landings (and even some water retrievals) we got our bearings and have been flying high ever since.

After getting some experience with the X8-M, we added the 3DRobotics Solo drone to the arsenal. Together, these AUVs give us the power to capture a unique perspective and add a new element of cinematography to the video production process. Let MLP help you take your vision to new heights with our professionally-piloted aerial capabilities.


MLP is happy to announce our newly acquired Virtual Realty (VR) capabilities. Using the GoPro Omni VR spherical rig, we’re able to create 360 degree VR videos. Harnessing the power of 6 different 4k GoPro HERO4 Black cameras, we capture 6 unique perspectives at a time and then stitch them together using the powerful Autopano Pro software. MLP is excited to be on the leading edge of this new and innovative technology. Check out some of our VR work below!

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