Event Coverage


Whether you're hosting an annual conference, putting on a speaker panel at the US Senate, or inviting rowers from all over the world to compete in a brand new relay race, MLP Digital has your event covered. 

Video benefits events in a variety of ways. Want to drum up excitement for your upcoming event? Do a series of videos promoting it. Want to remind attendees what a great time they had? Do a wrap-up video a few days later. Video helps boost SEO and elicits emotional reactions in viewers, so bring that influence in to help promote your brand's events.

Conference Coverage: You worked hard to get those keynote speakers and presenters, so don't let their speeches go to waste! MLP has years of experience with conference coverage, filming panels, interviewing attendees, and of course, capturing the keynote presentations for posterity. 

Athletic Events: Whether you've put together a neighborhood 5K or the biggest rowing event in the US, the MLP team can capture the action and excitement of your athletic event. We dedicate several cameras to the athletes, capturing all portions of the competition. Meanwhile, a roving camera can film crowd reactions, interview the winning teams, and capture the overall mood of the event.

Live Streaming: Sometimes you want your event broadcast around the world, as its happening. That's where live streaming comes in. With our experienced team and top of the line gear, we can capture your event and deliver it immediately to your audience - whether they're down the street or half a world away.

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