•  Client: George Leventhal
  •  Used Tools: Sony PMW F3, Canon 5D Mark III, Adobe Premiere
  •  Link to Project: Visit Site


  • To create a 3-minute video explaining George's accomplishments and goals for the future.
  • To introduce George to voters throughout the County, and discuss his committment to the future of Montgomery County.
  • To cut the video into two smaller commercial-length segments that could be aired before the election.

George Leventhal is a well-known member of the Montgomery County Council. During his twelve years of service, George has worked to provide affordable healthcare to all County residents, work with the County's homeless population to help them achieve permanent housing, and was a founding member of Purple Line Now! which seeks to create transportation solutions for the County. In 2014, George Leventhal was up for re-election to his seat, and wanted a video that would showcase his accomplishments and goals over his past terms, and serve as an advertisement for his re-election campaign. Mark Leisher Productions worked closely with George's campaign team to create a 3-minute video that walked viewers through the programs that George has implemented, and listen to first-hand accounts of how George has helped his constituents. After the first video was completed, we again worked with the campaign team to develop two commercial-length videos that each focused on one issue. These videos aired on Comcast stations in the weeks before the election, and were also featured in the online editions of several newspapers.

To capture the videos, we used 3-man and 4-man crews over the course of several days. We traveled all over the County to film at a Housing First men's shelter, a MobileMed van, several of George's speaking engagements, George's office in the Montgomery County Government building, and George's home in Takoma Park. We interviewed George himself, a participant in the Housing First program, County residents who relied upon MobileMed for checkups and prescriptions, and an employee of Housing First. The final products highlighted all the positive changes that George has helped implement in all areas of Montgomery County.

The primary election occurred on June 24, 2014 and George Leventhal retained his seat on the Council. George has re-affirmed his commitment to a brighter future for Montgomery County. He is dedicated to the Triple Aim promoted by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement: 1)improve patients' experience of care, 2)improve population health, and 3)reduce per capita cost of healthcare. George continues to work on transportation solutions for the County; the Purple Line, a light rail transit system that will connect both legs of the Red Line, the Green Line, the Orange Line, three MARC train lines, and Amtrak, is set to break ground in 2015. To learn more about George's career and accomplishments, visit

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