•  Client: Jam Cruise
  •  Used Tools: Sony EX3, Canon 5d Mark III, Panasonic GH3, Panasonic HVX 200, GoPro Hero3, Final Cut 7, Adobe Prelude
  •  Link to Project: Visit Site


  • Document 5 day music festival.
  • Create a multitude of content for live broadcasts throughout the event.
  • Logged and archived footage for later release.

Mark Leisher Productions has over 20 years of combined experience in music production. Over the years, we’ve produced television series, music videos, traveled the world with bands and festivals to create feature length documentaries. We are a passionate group of creative’s that really gets the music industry from a visual perspective. For 5 years now, we've been proud to work with Jam Cruise to document their amazing music festival. Every year, the biggest and most popular jam bands join the cruise to put on a series of intimate concerts for attendees. The MLP crew works 15 hour days, filming the action on board and creating a series of videos that broadcast on the ship throughout the festival.

Mark Leisher Productions role on this project is to bring in and coordinate 10 professionals from around the country. We've worked with this crew on past projects, and know that they really get the music industry. These men are the best in their craft at capturing live events and festivals, and consistently return excellent footage. We've built close relationships with this crew, and year after year they are first on board to join the gig.

We are especially proud of our work with Jam Cruise because of their commitment to Positive Legacy. Positive Legacy is the non-profit arm of Cloud 9 Adventures. Positive Legacy is a 501(c)(3) charity organization committed to integrating live music and service by taking actions that positively impact people and the environment in the communities that we visit. Over the years, we've documented their work in Haiti, Jamaica, and the Cayman Islands.

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