•  Client: Oneness Family School
  •  Used Tools: Sony FS7, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Aftereffects
  •  Link to Project: Visit Site


  • To create a series of promotional videos for Oneness Family School.
  • To solicit testimonials from parents, students, and former about the benefits of an OFS education.
  • To elicit excitement for the 2016 launch of the OFS High School.


Oneness Family School, located in downtown Bethesda, has been offering a quality Montessori education to kids age 3 through 13 since 1988. The school, founded by Andrew Kutt, aims to provide child-centered learning with a global perspective. Students learn the three R’s, but they also study world religions, history, and government. The school itself is multi-national. Approximately 40% of the families are living in the area on a multi-year international assignment with one of the many embassies located in our Nation’s capitol. According to their website, over 50 nations are currently represented at Oneness Family School.

In 2014, MLP was approached by Founder Andrew Kutt and Marketing Director Chris McLeod. They wanted to create a series of videos to promote the school, boost student enrollment, and encourage families of enrolled students to continue with Oneness Family School. More specifically, they wanted to do this through testimonials given by current students, former students, and parents so that the finished product would be an honest, natural endorsement of the school. To capture these, we conducted several series of group interviews, both to save time and to help the students and families feel comfortable surrounded by peers. During the interviews, students and parents were able to react to each other’s statements, expand on ideas, and convey on-camera their genuine connection to one another and the school. We transformed those interviews into two videos: the “Who We Are” promotional video for the school, and a Testimonial video made up of those interviews.

The videos were posted on the OFS site and social media, and sent out to current and prospective students via email. They were so well received, that when Oneness was preparing to announce the launch of its new high school, Chris and Andrew knew that they needed a video to make an impact. They wanted the new high school to appeal to both current Oneness Family School students, as well as students enrolled in other institutions – both public and private. To get that cross-sectional appeal, we made sure to both focus on the impact of growing with the Oneness community, as well the benefits of a Montessori education over a traditional education style. We also made sure to include specifics – the kinds of activities and lessons that would be included in the high school curriculum and get students and parents interested in enrolling. There has been enough interest in the high school that OFS has expanded their plans – instead of starting with one grade, the Oneness Family High School will launch with grades 9 and 10 in Fall of 2016.

We’re currently working with Oneness on several more videos that will educate parents on the day-to-day activities and lessons that go on in Montessori classrooms. We look forward to many more projects with Oneness, helping them in their mission to teach and inspire children in a global classroom.

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