Our Process

At Mark Leisher Productions (MLP), we work with you from concept to completion. We tease out all the best ideas and messaging, and work closely with you develop a story that more than meets your goals – it exceeds them. But most of all, we make the creative process fun for our clients. We do this for a living, and came into the field because of our passion for filmmaking and storytelling. We love sharing this enthusiasm with our clients! We encourage clients to be involved in the storyboarding and development process, to be on-set during production, and to come to our edit suite for an in-person edit session to complete the project. We want to make sure that, when the video is done, they are as happy with the final product as we are.


In the marketing world, it’s commonly accepted that a video has 8 seconds to grab the audience’s attention and get them engaged with the content. At MLP, we work with you to make sure your content is engaging, effective, and communicates your message clearly and convincingly. Every project is unique, so our team takes a flexible approach, utilizing a variety of storytelling techniques to get to the heart of your message. Your goals, target audience, industry, and of course budget are all taken into account as we develop the project. After the video is completed, we can help you reach your audience through targeted ads, social media, and email marketing. A beautifully shot video that has no traction is not successful. At MLP, we work to make every project engage its audience and exceed its goals.


Video production can be complicated, especially for larger projects. With multiple locations, an extensive shot list, and numerous crew members, productions have a lot of moving parts, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But at MLP, we pre-produce every aspect of the production so that the day-of goes smoothly. With detailed shot lists, storyboards, and schedules, we take a complicated process and simplify it. We make sure that the production stays on schedule, on budget, and most importantly on point – capturing all the content you’ll need for your finished project, and then some. Sure, sometimes there will be snags or delays – it happens to everyone. But our years of experience in production will help untangle those knots and get the project back on track.

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