At MLP Digital, we know that filming your production is only half the project. We’re happy to offer our post-production services for clients with previously-captured footage. Our editors work with the Adobe Creative Suite and 4K editing. Our post-production services include in-person edit sessions, line edits, motion graphics, animation, color correction, and video finishing. We can also repurpose older footage into new videos to help give your brand new content for a lower cost than a whole production.

In-person Edit Session // 

We will work with your producer or creative director in person to craft your footage into the story you want to tell.

Line Edit //

Your company provides us a with a detailed spreadsheet of the video you want created from your footage, with time notes, dialogue cues, desired b-roll, and graphics, and we create the video based on that spreadsheet. This allows our clients to have full creative control over the edit, without requiring them to spend days working with our editors in our edit suite.

Motion Graphics //

digital techniques that are combined with audio and create the illusion of motion or rotation.

Color Correction //

We tweak every clip manually to get the best exposure and light balance possible. Since more cinematographers are shooting in RAW, color correction is the process where we make your footage pop.

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