•  Client: Sister Eden
  •  Used Tools: Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Hootsuite, DSLR Canon 5D Mark III, WordPress
  •  Link to Project: Visit Site


  • Cross-platform ad campaigns via Facebook Ads and Google Adwords
  • “Sustainable Summer” and “Back to School” content themes, with supporting Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and blog posts
  • SEO Management, increasing visibility and reach through Google Search results

The news today is often full of doom and gloom stories about the environment, or cautionary editorials warning humanity to change its ways before catastrophe strikes. But studies have shown that doomsday scenarios actually discourage people from taking action – terrible predictions for the future cause an emotional inertia that results in no changes or progress being made. Lori Hill and John Robinette knew that they had to do something to change this pattern, and a new website was born. is your resource for living the green life, providing information and advice on ways to be more eco-friendly in your daily life.

Online Brand Management

In order to be more than another voice lecturing on the Internet, they knew they needed more than just a blog. With the help of Mark Leisher Productions, Sister Eden has become a multimedia website targeted at users across multiple demographics. Lori and John knew that they couldn't just target friends and family – they needed to reach a broad audience in a way that caught and held attention. Working with the MLP brand management team, Sister Eden's social media presence has solidified into regular, interactive posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, along with at least four blog posts each week with original content. The team worked to develop an editorial calendar with Sister Eden, ensuring that posts fell along designated themes, and creating ads to draw attention to specific campaigns. Before the first ad launched, Sister Eden had already seen an organic 30% growth in followers on Facebook and Twitter. In the week after the first ad launched, Sister Eden saw a 10% increase in followers, and a 1500% increase in reach.

Video Production

In addition to their work on social media presence, Mark Leisher Productions has worked with Sister Eden to create funny, informative, and engaging videos. We watched as Lori supported the Chesapeake Bay by jumping into a river in January; we filmed the “Green Carpet” event at the Sister Eden screening of Bidder 70; and we documented all the sustainable choices Lori and John made when planning their gorgeous green wedding. The videos allow Sister Eden to branch out from static media, and allow their audience to put a friendly face to the Sister Eden name.

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