The DC Adventure Film Festival is a 2-day festival held in Washington DC that celebrates adventure filmmaking from all around the world, with a special focus on DC-based filmmakers and adventurers. Mark Leisher Productions has been a proud sponsor of the festival since its inception. As sponsor we work with the DCAFF founder Brian Shipley to create the promotional video for each year's festival, and put together the programming for each night of the festival. The 2015 promotional video, above, shows you the level of work that goes into the edit. We put a lot of time into creating dynamic tracking animations for each sponsor logo, and pull footage from each and every film in the festival. With over 30 films being shown over the course of the festival, that's a lot of footage to go through!

Fun story from the 2015 promo video: this is not the first time we've worked with one of the filmmakers. Pete McBride (one of three guys dancing with kayak paddles in the desert) had his film Delta Dawn in the 2015 festival, and his film Chasing Water was featured in the 2014 Reel Water Film Festival, of which we were also a sponsor!

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