•  Client: STIHL Inc.
  •  Used Tools: Sony PMW F3, DSLR Canon 5D Mark III, Sony EX-1, Adobe Premiere, Adobe AfterEffects 
  •  Link to Project: Visit Site


  • Created short and very sharable videos that captured the essence of Renewal & Remembrance
  • Showcased the numerous and diverse career opportunities in the land care industry.
  • Highlighted the work and life of acclaimed sculptor Emilie Brzezinski, who creates her famous sculptures using STIHL chainsaws.

STIHL Inc. manufactures the world's largest selling brand of chainsaws and produces a full line of powerful, lightweight, and versatile handheld outdoor power equipment for homeowners and professional users. STIHL is also part of an organization called PLANET, which is the Professional Landcare Network. Through PLANET, STIHL is a sponsor of the annual Renewal and Remembrance event, which celebrated their 17th anniversary in July 2013.

STIHL has been working with PLANET to raise awareness of America’s landcare industry in order to attract new people who are looking for a fun, interesting, and viable career path. STIHL reached out to Mark Leisher Productions to create a short video that captured the Renewal and Remembrance event and demonstrated to its viewers how great the landcare industry is, not only as a job, but as a community and a lifestyle.

Mark Leisher Productions was very excited to be a part of such a great event. They worked with STIHL to be sure that they had a great idea of their vision and created a shot list that both parties agreed would capture not just the event, but the story behind it. MLP was able to effectively achieve their goals, as well as create two additional short videos highlighting other stories that happened that day.

In 2014, MLP again had the chance to work with STIHL on their video series "Real People, STIHL People." MLP was asked to work with STIHL to create a video profile of acclaimed sculptor Emilie Brzezinski. Brzezinski, 82, is most well known for her enormous and awe-inspiring sculptures crafted from tree trunks. MLP filmed the video over the course of several days, talking with Emilie at her studio and filming the opening of her 3 month exhibit at the Kreeger Museum in Washington, DC. The resulting video is a testament to Emilie's talent and determination, as well as her use of STIHL chainsaws.

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