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hurry up and wait over image of clock

Hurry Up and Wait

“Hurry up and wait.” This may as well be the motto of production. From call time to wrap, there are constant moments of pressure to hustle somewhere, followed by seemingly endless moments of standing around waiting for things to start. This is especially true when you’re a PA; your superiors […]

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The Importance of Being Scripty over folder with script and notes

Scripty Life

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to work as a Script Supervisor for the first time on a short student film. It’s a massively underappreciated job, and I thought this seemed like a good opportunity to give some love to all the Scriptys out there. On every movie and TV […]

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Light of Our Lives - text over large production lights

Light of Our Lives

In college, I spent a semester as the lighting director on a student-run sketch comedy. In an attempt to recruit some people for my lighting team, I told everyone, “Without us, you’d just be sitting around in the dark!” Hey, it actually worked for a couple of people. Good lighting […]

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Production crew behind the scenes

Who’s Who on Set: Below the Line

In my last post, we talked about the above-the-line crew on set: the Producers, Directors, Screenwriters, Cinematographers—basically everyone you’ve heard of. In this post, we’ll take on the below-the-line crew, who get a lot less recognition, but who are the backbone of any production. These are the people who do […]

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