The Why

At Mark Leisher Productions , we make the creative process fun, engaging, and simple. For years, Mark Leisher Productions (MLP)  has been a leader in the  for Video Production and Animation. Established in 2010, MLP has earned our reputation as creative innovators. We’ve worked with companies of all sizes; from small start-ups and non-profits, to national brands and major corporations. Our team of passionate filmmakers, storytellers, and marketers can help take your brand to the next level, working with you on messaging, content, and strategies to help you grow.

Our Services

Whether you need a television commercial or an animated explainer video, a new website or a social media strategy, MLP can help. We pride ourselves on our fresh and innovative outlook.

At MLP, our clients are as involved as they want to be. Whether that means telling us your concept and handing us the reins, or having weekly strategy and development meetings, we work with you at your comfort level to bring your project to life.

Our Clientele

Companies that need experienced agency producers to deliver content that exceeds their client expectations. Companies who want to make just one call for a consistently great experience. We partner with creative agencies, interactive companies that have amazing project managers but need content support, and emerging content providers such as PR firms, and social media companies.

Our producers have true integrated experience developing content across multiple platforms. We have developed best practices to guide our clients through challenging projects. From quick turn-arounds, live events, animation, large crew needs, remote travel. We are experts in our field and influencers in our communities.

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