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If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you probably already saw that we were at the TEDCO Entrepreneur Expo 2013 on Monday. While it was a great networking event full of interesting panels, we weren’t there as attendees. Mark, Shane, and I were all there to capture the day, filming the keynote speakers, taking interviews with exhibitors and attendees, and generally capturing the action of a big yearly event.

The E2E event wasn’t the first that we’ve documented. In July we were at the Renewal & Remembrance event at Arlington National Cemetery. Earlier in the summer we were at the Barrons’ Architect Open House. Last year we covered the annual ICE Awards, another TEDCO event. These were very diverse events, but they all had something in common – they were major, high profile events for the sponsoring companies.

Event coverage is great for capturing important information that can be viewed at the recipients’ leisure. Maybe they missed the keynote speeches, or couldn’t make a panel they were interested in. By covering the entire event, people can catch information they may have missed, all from the comfort of their own office (or couch!).

Event coverage also highlights brands that are proactive. The TEDCO E2E event had numerous exhibitors in the “Town Square” who all brought their knowledge, products, and services to be seen and (hopefully) utilized by the entrepreneurs attending the event. You can also pay special attention to event sponsors, thanking them for their contribution toward the day.

Another factor is that event coverage captures the events of the day for the people that couldn’t attend themselves. It happens – someone really would like to go, but just can’t work it into their schedule. So why not offer the next best thing? For those who did attend, watching the video afterwards helps build a sense of community and engagement. Everyone loves to see themselves on film!

Finally, event coverage adds credibility to your event. When you’re talking about the success and impact of your event, what better way to back up your statements than with video showing the crowd, the keynote speakers, and the exhibitors? It’s the classic example of show, don’t tell; instead of talking about your accomplishments, let the video speak for you.

For your next big event, whether it’s a day of service, a conference, an awards ceremony, or something completely different, think about how you want your day remembered – and contact us to help!