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Grand Opening


Reading time < 1 minute IGNITE YOUR “JOIE DE VIE” with One AUM ! During this month, we had the pleasure filming the grand opening of the One Aum Wellness Center in Potomac Maryland.  Learning more about this new holistic way One Aum provides is very awe-inspiring. Filming the event, and understanding how One Aum […]

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Saving antarctica with Renewable Energy Technology

The Mission To Save Antarctica With Renewable Energy

Reading time 4 minutes read The photo below features Mark Leisher at the Union Glacier basecamp, Antarctica. You might wonder why a video production company would travel to one of the coldest and most lifeless regions in the world. The simple answer? To help protect Antarctica and to film the unsung heroes who have made this goal their life mission. For the […]

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Boy with magnifying glass

Oneness Family School Promotional Videos

Reading time 5 minutes read After producing a series of promotional videos for Oneness Family School, a Montessori school, I sat down with the Director of Admissions and Marketing, Chris McLeod, who worked directly with our team on this project. You can watch the promotional videos the MLP team produced on Culture, Language, and Mathematics. Learn more by […]

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Media4Green Website Launch: An MLP Sister Company

Reading time 3 minutes read We are incredibly excited to introduce our sister company Media4Green and announce the launch of their new website. On Media4Green’s About page, you can read all about this Washington, D.C. based production company that focuses on all things surrounding sustainability – including health & food, clean energy, education, philanthropy, and more.   […]

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summer interns

Summer Interns

Reading time 3 minutes read Summer interns are a time-honored tradition here in DC. Bright young college students flock to the District, getting their internships on the Hill, with think tanks, and with the numerous NGOs in Washington. Mark Leisher Productions is no exception. For the past few years we’ve been taking on summer interns […]

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A Realtor’s Guide to Video

Reading time 4 minutes read Last week we had the fun opportunity to do a quick walkthrough video of a luxury home in Alexandria Virginia. In the past we’ve done our share of architectural photography and beauty shots, but this was our first foray into luxury real estate listings. Our goal was to capture the […]

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four men operating and watching a drone

Unmanned Aircraft Systems & Video Production

Reading time 2 minutes read What Part 107 means for Mark Leisher Productions. Last Tuesday the Federal Aviation Administration finalized its first operational rules for commercial use of small, unmanned aircraft systems. For those saying “Huh?” unmanned aircraft systems are better known as drones. These new rules offer safety regulations and are designed to minimize […]

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