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Hot Flash Havoc

Women’s Health Doc Gets Major TV Time

In 2008 Mark was hired by Director Marc Bennett and Executive Producer Heidi Houston to be the Director of Photography for the film that would become Hot Flash Havoc. The documentary is a film of menopausal proportions (get it?!) that is enlightening, entertaining, and a crash-course in what you need to know […]

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How to Be a PA - camera man and PA working

How to Be a Production Assistant

Whether you ultimately want to be a producer, director, grip, or set designer, you’ll have to start your career as a Production Assistant. It’s not the most glamorous job—in fact, it’s the least glamorous job—but if you’re willing to put in some grunt work, it’ll get you where you want […]

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Water take 1 film reel on water

Water Take 1

You probably know that Mark Leisher Productions started out as an incubator company in Bethesda Green’s business incubator. When Mark formed MLP, he knew he wanted to marry high-end video production and environmental stewardship, and a green nonprofit was the perfect place from which to launch. Over the years MLP has […]

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The Value of Video Marketing text with analytics graphic

The Value of Video Marketing

2015 really was the year of video – YouTube reports that 300 hours of video are uploaded to its servers every minute. But amidst all the noise and cat videos, do marketing videos really have an impact? Yes, they really do! Check out the infographic below, and consider making video […]

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