Case Studies

How Was It Made?

How Was it Made?

The first thing you’ll want to know if you want to be, well, in the know in the media business is just what kind of production you’re watching. As I’ve said before, there’s more to making videos or films or television shows than showing up with a camera and pointing […]

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So You Saw a Camera

So You Saw A Camera

People seem to have a pretty weird and contradictory relationship with cameras. They’re really interesting—until there’s one pointed at you. People act differently when there’s a camera around, putting on their camera-face and making everything dramatic, or just getting really uncomfortable and clamming up. Carrying around, setting up, and using video equipment […]

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An Introductory Guide to Media Studies

A Beginner’s Introduction to Media Studies

Hi there. I’m Courtney, a recent graduate of Temple University’s Media Studies & Production program, and a new addition to the massive pool that is the media production industry. To quote my favorite TV show, Frasier, “Whether our journey together lasts for years or just one day, I can’t tell you […]

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PeriPoint Building

MLP Graduates from Bethesda Green!

Here at Mark Leisher Productions, we are incredibly excited to announce our graduation from the Bethesda Green Business Incubator. We were one of the early members of the Incubator, joining in 2011 as a one-man company. Through Mark’s hard work and the support of the Bethesda Green Business Incubator, MLP has […]

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Active Nature

Partnering Up with Active Nature

Here on the blog we’ve talked about our friend Jason Beakes and his company, Active Nature, before. You might remember our photos from last year’s stand-up paddleboarding lesson, or the video we did for them to highlight their sponsorship of the 2013 Reel Water Film Festival. Well, we are excited to announce that Mark […]

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Editor at work

In-Person Edit Sessions

When we talk about the overall production process, there are three steps that we explain to clients. Pre-production comes first. We figure out a budget, scheduling, we help with scripting and storyboarding – all the stuff that needs to happen for the project to run smoothly. Production itself is next […]

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