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Salad Science students

Getting Kids Out of the Classroom

When Shane and I met Diane and Katrina from Audubon’s Green Kids program for the first time, we were impressed by their enthusiasm and passion for the program. They emphasized how important outdoor education is for children, and how Green Kids and Salad Science can help kids learn in non-traditional […]

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Jason Beakes Paddleboarding

Team Bonding With Active Nature

For the first 10 minutes you’re on a stand-up paddleboard, every slight movement and muscle twitch feels like it’ll send you right into the water. Forget paddling – you’re trying your hardest to stay upright. But after an hour of balancing, instructions, and yes, falling off the board, you’ve become […]

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Kayakers on the Potomac

One Year Later

Last year, the kayaking community lost one of its up-and-comers in a tragic accident just days before the annual Great Falls Race. While practicing for the race, South Carolina native Shannon Christy lost her life in the Potomac River. The race was cancelled, a memorial was held in her honor, […]

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