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Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications: Avoiding The Duck and Wish

Welcome to part two of our series on nonprofit communications! As I mentioned last time, we were really excited to attend The Nonprofit Roundtable’s event CommMission: Leveraging Communications. The event invited Executive Directors and Communications Directors of DC area nonprofits to come and learn how effective communications can help their organizations achieve their […]

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Runners in tutus

How NOT to Deal With a Crisis

Part of my job here at Mark Leisher Productions is managing our social media presence. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve seen my posts and Tweets. Maybe you’ve even liked them! But what that means is, for a certain portion of each work day, I’m on Facebook […]

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Executive Communications

Executive Communications with NonProfit Roundtable

Two weeks ago, Mark, Shane, and I were thrilled to attend Nonprofit Roundtable’s conference CommMission: Leveraging Communication. The conference featured CEOs of several major nonprofits, and was interspersed with roundtable discussions amongst the attendees. There were four main topics of discussion: executive communications, crisis communications, advocacy, and media relations. Speakers shared their […]

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