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There are plenty of reasons to use interviews in your video production. Whether your video is a company overview, a case study, a documentary, or something else entirely, interviews can provide valuable content and create a human connection with your audience. The style of the interview is an important factor to consider, and your choice depends upon several things: the type of project you’re working on, what you want the interview to convey, and the tone you want to set for your video. Below are a few different styles of interviews, and what each of them offers in terms of look, feel, and tone.[spacer height=”20px”]

Studio (Color or Staged Background)

The studio interview is common in company overview videos and PBS-style documentaries. These interviews are pre-planned so that the lighting and background can be staged appropriately. If the interview has a pre-written script that they want to stick to, a Teleprompter may be used.[spacer height=”20px”]

Multiple Subjects

This style of interview is less common, and tends to be used with musicians, teams, and other small groups. The set-up allows for several people to be seen and heard clearly, and their interaction with each other gives the video a more improvisational feel.[spacer height=”20px”]

On Location

On location interviews refer to those that are wholly improvised. Often the interviewer is the one prepared, while the interviewee is answering questions as they are asked. This type of interview is useful during rallies, conferences, and other crowded events.[spacer height=”20px”]

Behind The Scenes

These are most commonly seen in documentaries and DVD extras for motion pictures. It gives the interview a cine-verite feel, as if the viewer were on-set with the interviewee. Unlike any other style, behind the scenes shoots break the fourth wall, showcasing the work behind the finished product.[spacer height=”20px”]

Choosing the interview style that will work best with your video project is a process that demands a thorough understanding of your goals, your story, and the tone you want to set. Take a look at our Interview Reel below, and keep us in mind for your next project![spacer height=”20px”]

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