When we talk about the overall production process, there are three steps that we explain to clients. Pre-production comes first. We figure out a budget, scheduling, we help with scripting and storyboarding – all the stuff that needs to happen for the project to run smoothly. Production itself is next – the actual day or days of filming. The final step is post-production, and that sometimes gets glossed over. It’s just us putting the video together, right? But post-production – editing – is hugely important to the success of the project. We like to have our clients come into our office for an in-person edit session, and here’s why:


How many times have you sent out a draft to a client or coworker, and then gone through a series of back-and-forth emails, phone calls, and voicemails? It can get confusing, trying to keep track of all changes and suggestions, right? The same thing can happen when we send out videos for review. An in-person session helps simplify the process. The client comes in and works one-on-one with our editor and our production manager (me!) to get their video looking exactly how they want it. Rather than a series of emails with the possibility of miscommunication, we go through everything together and make sure we know exactly what the client wants before we implement it. Simple, right?


Sometimes a client doesn’t like a shot we’ve used, or would prefer we cut a clip by a few seconds. When we edit in-person, they can see the immediate effect of their request and make changes as needed. They can also go through the footage with us, and see all options available to them. After all, sometimes you don’t know the shot or look you’re going for until you see it. We can also review simpler changes, like text and lower thirds – things that are easy to change around, but would be time-consuming to alter, re-render, and re-upload for review.


We love our clients (we wouldn’t be in this business if we didn’t!) but it’s always nice to put a face to a name and work together. Having our clients come into the office let’s us build rapport between us, and helps us build a better working relationship.


So many clients have told us that coming in for an edit session is like taking a field trip. Instead of being in the office all day, they get to come see our space, participate in the evolution of their video, and get a great cup of coffee (or three).  Plus, they’ll leave the edit session knowing that their video is exactly what they want it to be. And that is a great feeling.

So – edit sessions let us simplify the process, match our client’s vision, build rapport, and let’s our clients have a fun day out of the office. And that’s why we’re proud to include that service for every video we produce. Want to learn more about our process? Contact us today!


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