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Last week we had the fun opportunity to do a quick walkthrough video of a luxury home in Alexandria Virginia. In the past we’ve done our share of architectural photography and beauty shots, but this was our first foray into luxury real estate listings. Our goal was to capture the size and spaciousness of the house, and to create a video that would help potential buyers envision themselves living in this gorgeous home.

Using video in real estate marketing has been growing in popularity for the past few years, but some realtors are still unsure of the benefits of video.  But video comes with all sorts of perks! According to Virtueta, “site visitors will stay an average of two minutes longer if they are engaged with a video on the page.” Meanwhile, the Merchant Marketing Group reports that “online video now accounts for 50% of all mobile traffic.” Fifty percent! (Want more awesome facts about the benefits of video? Grab a free download of our Social Media Statistics for 2016 and Video Marketing ebooks!) So here are a few ways for realtors to incorporate video in real estate marketing.

About Us Video

Real estate is often described as a relationship business. Realtors work with their clients, sometimes for months at a time, helping them decide on the biggest purchase of their lives. What better way to introduce yourself to potential clients, and to build trust ahead of that first face-to-face meeting, than a video? You can introduce yourself and your team, showcase your office and past properties, and generally put a human face to your business. That video can live on your home page, be a featured video on Facebook, and even get a link in your email signature – all ways that people might “meet” you electronically before meeting you in person.

Customer Testimonials

We all have a friend who has a horror story about their home hunt, right? No one wants to worry that their realtor is going to be all talk and no business. The best way to prove that you’re effective and honest is to have previous customers speak on your behalf. You can use written quotes on your website, or rely on Yelp! reviews, or you can create a video of various customer testimonials. Unlike the written work, video elicits a more visceral reaction in viewers. They will see real people singing your praises and automatically feel more positive towards you. A video testimonial has the added benefit of showcasing some of your recent properties – so be sure to film those testimonials in front of the house!

Community Showcase

While many realtors prefer to work in certain regions, some prefer to focus on one or two highly specific areas. Some of these areas (Beverly Hills, Chicago’s Gold Coast) need no introduction, they already have a well-known reputation. But other areas aren’t so well-known, or have had a lot of changes and development occur in the past few years. Savvy realtors can make a quick 2 minute video introducing potential customers to these hot new neighborhoods by talking about the home styles, the amenities, culture, nightlife, and schools. Talk up the area you specialize in, and help your customers understand just what is so great about it. That way, when you show them homes in that neighborhood, they’re already excited about the area, and have already started picturing their lives there.

Home Walk-Through

Real estate photography is a hugely important marketing tool, but too many realtors either rely on their smartphones, or hire photographers who haven’t specialized in home photography. This results in photos that are poorly staged, have wacky proportions, and don’t covey the flow of the house. (To be clear, this is not all photographers. There are some incredibly talented folks that use their cameras to make the homes shine. This entry is about the people that just kinda wing it.) You can avoid all those problems by hiring a videographer to create a home walkthrough video for the house. A video walkthrough lets viewers feel as though they are actually moving through the house themselves, and gives them a better understanding of the flow of the home. The big thing for realtors is to both get the house staged ahead of the shoot, and do a walkthrough with the videographer to point out what they want highlighted, and what to ignore. Gorgeous backyard? Yes! Unfinished basement? Probably not.

Advice for First-Time Buyers and Sellers

This ties right back in to the testimonials and “About Us” videos as ways for realtors to build their reputations. Realty is about more than just walking clients through homes; you make offers, research neighborhoods, and help facilitate closings. Those are aspects of the job that a lot of people don’t know about or find intimidating. So make your potential clients feel more comfortable by sharing your knowledge and advice with them! You don’t need to give away industry secrets or anything, but a series of videos on what goes into making an offer, the steps to close, what to look for during a home inspection – all of these can help boost your reputation and increase your buyers’ confidence in you.

So there you have it! A few ways that realtors can incorporate video in real estate marketing. Feeling inspired? Send us a line, we’d love to chat about your project! In the meantime, take a look at the luxury home walkthrough video, and if you know any realtors interested in video, send them our way!

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