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We are incredibly excited to introduce our sister company Media4Green and announce the launch of their new website. On Media4Green’s About page, you can read all about this Washington, D.C. based production company that focuses on all things surrounding sustainability – including health & food, clean energy, education, philanthropy, and more.


Their mission: To save the world

Their weapon of choice: Content


Using visual content, Media4Green aims to tell stories that highlight the unsung heroes of the previously mentioned sustainability issues, as well as other compelling and informative stories surrounding human impact on the environment.

Their mission is an exciting challenge:

“Our aim is to share stories of people that implement universally accessible solutions in the fight to create a more sustainable, socially just world using video as our weapon.”

– Media4Green

You can also learn about the co-founders, Mark Leisher & Dave Feldman and why this mission is so important to them.

What you can expect from Media4Green:

  1. Exceptional, high quality visual content
  2. Informational articles and updates
  3. Behind-the-scenes look at video production
  4. A free newsletter on current projects
  5. A first-hand look into important environmental issues


Here’s the latest from Media4Green:

Unsung Heroes: Interview with Barney Swan
Watch an inspiring interview with explorer Barney Swan, who is taking over his father’s mission to protect the Antarctic and promote the conservation efforts that his father has championed for decades. He discusses the preparation and expectations for his upcoming expedition to inland Antarctica with his father and their team.

Meet Barney Swan


A Plastic Waste Planet: Why we MUST Cut Plastics Out of our Lives to Save Our Environment
It’s no secret: plastic waste is a global problem. Read to find out just how big this problem has become, how it will affect you, and how YOU, can be part of the solution. Watch the eye-catching animated infographic to get deeper look.

Plastic Waste - Overflowing Trash


First Look: IAE 80º South Antarctica Expedition
Get a glimpse of the I 80 south team’s voyage to the Arctic! Research teams from energy technology companies like Shell, Nasa and Siemens used Antarctica to test renewable energy technology such as solar, wind, and bio fuel to see how they perform in one of the world’s harshest environments. Follow the hashtag #ClimateForce to join the movement.

Antarctica Inland Landscape
More to come:
Media4Green is in it’s beginning stages right now, which is why we’re announcing their website launch. There is so much more to look forward to with this company. We have very high expectations for the success of their mission, and we can’t wait to see what they produce next!


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