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filming in the DMV - filming a rower on the Potomac River by the Kennedy Center

Filming in the DMV

Ever wonder why, in major summer blockbusters, DC tends look suspiciously like Baltimore, Philadelphia, or even Toronto? Well, that’s because even though filmmakers love to set movies in DC, they don’t really like to film here. Not for lack of scenery! We’ve got monuments, museums, architecture, nightlife… But we’ve also […]

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Hot Flash Havoc

Women’s Health Doc Gets Major TV Time

In 2008 Mark was hired by Director Marc Bennett and Executive Producer Heidi Houston to be the Director of Photography for the film that would become Hot Flash Havoc. The documentary is a film of menopausal proportions (get it?!) that is enlightening, entertaining, and a crash-course in what you need to know […]

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Film Set Etiquette - What Not to Do On Set

Film Set Etiquette

For a Production Assistant on their first day a film set can be overwhelming. Whether it’s a small production or a big one, there’s people moving around, cords everywhere, and equipment that looks really expensive. My first day on a set I was handed a boom mic and told not […]

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Jason Beakes Paddleboarding

Team Bonding With Active Nature

For the first 10 minutes you’re on a stand-up paddleboard, every slight movement and muscle twitch feels like it’ll send you right into the water. Forget paddling – you’re trying your hardest to stay upright. But after an hour of balancing, instructions, and yes, falling off the board, you’ve become […]

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Family Watching Netflix

The Future of Television

Thirty years ago, cable was best known for airing movies just out of theaters. Twenty years ago, cable became the domain of the 24-hour news network. Ten years ago, cable was the home for syndicated television dramas (Law & Order, anyone?). Five years ago, cable had the market cornered on […]

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Runners in tutus

How NOT to Deal With a Crisis

Part of my job here at Mark Leisher Productions is managing our social media presence. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you’ve seen my posts and Tweets. Maybe you’ve even liked them! But what that means is, for a certain portion of each work day, I’m on Facebook […]

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1950's Production Crew

Maryland & the Film Industry

Dave Feldman of Bethesda Green sent me an interesting article this morning, and I thought I’d talk about it with you. Ryan Marshall of the Gazette explains that the past year has been very good to the Maryland Film Office and the state of Maryland as a whole. Robin Wright, whose show “House of […]

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