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Here at Mark Leisher Productions, we’re incredibly excited about our newest client – M3D, the makers of the Micro 3D Printer. We will be working with M3D over the next few months to create a video for their Kickstarter campaign, build their social media presence, and help run the campaign once it goes live. Since December 3rd was 3D Printing Day, we decided to tell you a bit about M3D, and why exactly we’re so excited.[spacer height=”20px”]
First off, 3D printers – they’re amazing! While there’s been a lot of talk over the past few months (about printed guns, printed casts, printed organs?!), few have gone into why, exactly, 3D printing is such a big deal. The first reason is that unlike older manufacturing processes, 3D printing is additive, which means that objects are created by laying down successive layers of material. Older machining techniques are subtractive – you create the object by removing material via drilling, cutting, grinding, etc. With 3D printing, instead of a big pile of wasted scrap material, you use only the material you need. Second, 3D printing uses digital models to create objects – no need for molds when you can just program in the shape you want! Finally, 3D printing is incredibly versatile – it is already being used in jewelry making, automotive manufacturing, architecture, the dental and medical industries, and more! Like the Industrial Revolution before it, 3D printing will be a game changer.[spacer height=”20px”]
Now let’s talk about M3D for a moment. They’re a team of passionate and driven engineers and artists that are determined to revolutionize the field of 3D printing. Their Micro 3D Printer is small enough to fit on the corner of your desk, comes fully assembled, and can be used right away thanks to it’s plug-and-play capabilities. Plus, the team at M3D has been developing unique new filaments – including chameleon filaments that change color and metal filaments for improved texture and weight.[spacer height=”20px”]
Over the next few months we’ll be working closely with M3D. They’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign in 2014 to get funding for the first mass production of the Micro 3D Printer, and we’ll be there to help them! We’ll start by creating a fun, visually arresting video with a great call to action. We’ll help them build up their social media presence and get the word out about their product. Finally, when the campaign launches, we’ll be there every step of the way, spreading the word, releasing updates, and making sure that this amazing company gets the money they need to get their product out there. And of course, we’ll be keeping you updated throughout. In the meantime, go take a look at their site, and like them on Facebook!

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