•  Client: Calvert Investments
  •  Used Tools: Sony FS7, Sony A7S 2, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Aftereffects
  •  Link to Project: Visit Site


  • To document the experiences of four women as they travel to Antarctica
  • To capture footage and photographs of the last untouched wilderness
  • To showcase Calvert Investment’s commitment to sustainability


Calvert Investments is an investment company with a unique perspective – they have a principles-based approach they call “responsible investing.” This means that when they are choosing companies, they look at more than just the financial side – they also take into account environmental, social, and governance factors. Calvert ensures that the companies in which they invest advance environmental sustainability, respect human rights and contribute to equitable societies, and exhibit accountable governance and demonstrate transparency. We first worked with Calvert on behalf of the Montgomery County Green Business Certification Program. Calvert was one of the first companies to achieve the certification, and we were tasked with creating a video to showcase their initiatives – both physical, like a comprehensive recycling program, and in their business practices, with their focus on responsible investing. The final product was used to promote both the certification program and Calvert Investments itself, and was a great success.

So it was no surprise that Calvert approached us for their own video project. In early February, polar explorer Rob Swan would be at Calvert’s Bethesda office to cement Calvert’s sponsorship of and partnership with Rob’s organization, the 2041 Foundation. The 2041 Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of the Antarctic, and the renewal of the Antarctic Treaty in 2041. To accomplish this, 2041 has hosted yearly expeditions to the Antarctic. They bring together thought leaders from around the world for leadership training, scientific lectures, and exploration of the last untouched wilderness on Earth. When the adventurers return home, they use what they’ve learned to bring change to their own communities and they themselves become advocates for the Antarctic. In 2016, Calvert would be sponsoring four of these expedition members for their trip to the Antarctic. But first Rob would be giving a presentation to Calvert’s employees, sharing the importance of his mission and what they hoped to accomplish. Calvert wanted to capture that presentation and create a few videos around it to share with their employees nationwide. MLP combined portions of Rob’s presentation with the interview he gave to Mark, and provided Calvert with three different videos they could use going forward. Mark came away from that production with an invitation from Rob to join the 2016 expedition.

When Calvert learned that Mark would be on the 2016 trip, they realized the opportunity they had in front of them. They hired Mark to document the journeys of the four women Calvert would be sponsoring, and to create a series of videos showcasing both their experiences and Calvert’s involvement with 2041. After an exciting 2 week journey and many hours of media management, MLP delivered films that exceeded Calvert’s expectations. There are more projects to look forward to in the coming months, and we’re excited to continue working with Calvert Investments.


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