control dial for DSLR camera

Turn Your Camera Off of Auto

So you have an awesome new camera, and you’re ready to get some nice video of your trip to Europe. You turn it on and press record, trusting your camera to take care of the technical stuff for you. But what if you want to take control of your video? […]

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audio mixer video editing desk

“We’ll Fix it in Post”

When I explained the different jobs involved in production, I was pretty vague about the editor’s job. That’s because there is so much involved in the step after the camera stops rolling that I felt like post-production deserved its own post. There’s a (usually) tongue-in-cheek phrase that people like to […]

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Video Marketing 101 - How to use video marketing to engage your audience and strengthen your brand

Video Marketing 101 – Engagement & Action

Why you should use video marketing to engage your audience and strengthen your brand. So earlier this week we talked about what, exactly, video marketing is. But now you’re probably wondering why should you even consider video marketing? Two reasons: the emotional reaction video inspires in viewers, and the SEO […]

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Video Marketing 101 - What it Is, Why You Should Care, & How You Can Use It to Benefit Your Brand

Video Marketing 101 – What the Heck Is It?

If you’re just getting started in digital marketing, the terms can seem overwhelming. Content marketing, social media marketing, video marketing – what the heck are they? Well, the first two are the topic for another post, but video marketing is easy to explain. To put it simply, video marketing is […]

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12 Creative Tools We're Thankful For with a cartoon of a turkey

12 Creative Tools We’re Thankful For

Thanksgiving is this week, and while we’re all looking forward to stuffing our faces on Thursday, we realize that the holiday is, in fact, about giving thanks. So we thought, what are we grateful for? As creative professionals, what gear, tools, and resources make our lives easier and our work […]

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Film Set Etiquette - What Not to Do On Set

Film Set Etiquette

For a Production Assistant on their first day a film set can be overwhelming. Whether it’s a small production or a big one, there’s people moving around, cords everywhere, and equipment that looks really expensive. My first day on a set I was handed a boom mic and told not […]

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Production crew behind the scenes

Who’s Who on Set: Below the Line

In my last post, we talked about the above-the-line crew on set: the Producers, Directors, Screenwriters, Cinematographers—basically everyone you’ve heard of. In this post, we’ll take on the below-the-line crew, who get a lot less recognition, but who are the backbone of any production. These are the people who do […]

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